Join us on January 22nd, 6 to 8 pm to celebrate Design by Nature’s exhibit in the Junction at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival.

The exhibit features the works of Scott Eunson; Yvonne Popovska, Aleksandra Popovska, and Leland Dadson; Jeff Forrest; Nan Chao and Luke Johnston. All pieces are made with a minimum of 50% salvaged materials and seek to push the boundaries of sustainable design through an innovative approach to public art.

Healthy, organic snacks generously provided by The Sweet Potato 

When: Wednesday, January 22nd, 6-8 pm

Where: Pandemonium Books & Discs, 2920 Dundas Street West, Toronto

Plus, visit other exhibits in the neighbourhood followed by TO DO’s opening party at SMASH!

End-Grain Block Bench by Scott Eunson

End-Grain Block Bench by Scott Eunson Studios

Beehive Hotel

Beehive Hotel by PopTarts

Cast Composite Cubes

Cast Composite Cubes by STACKLAB


Unearthed by Lloyd London Studios

> Read more details about Design by Nature’s exhibit at TO DO