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Best of Show – $3000

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Best of Show – Cayuga

Best of Show – Cayuga


2500.00 (per unit)
60” wide x 62” deep x 17- 27” high (per unit)
Seat Deck: salvaged wood from The City of Toronto (ice storm and or ash borer) -Base: a lightweight composite of cement/ wood chips (City of Toronto wood yard) and straw.
Cayuga is a modular outdoor (and indoor) public seating system. Its sculptural puzzle- like shape allows for multiple configurations creating an undulating topography that speaks to the multiple layers of glacial till that form the landscape in this part of southern Ontario. The wood seating deck (utilizing salvaged wood) is warm, friendly and inviting. The cement/ wood composite base is solid, durable and references the kind of technology used to form the bricks produced in the Brickworks kilns. The idea is to employ something we have been experimenting with, a hybrid of cement, wood chips from The City of Toronto wood lots and straw. This will produce a super strong and durable cement composite (essentially a hybrid sustainable indigenous technology) that should stand up well to outdoor public use.