Watershed Erratics

APPROX. 2.1M X 0.9M
This artwork presents two tall buoys, a left hand and right hand, at odds with each other and whimsically out of place on dry ground. They are inspired by flood events at the Evergreen Brickworks and in the lower Don Valley that are widely reported but experienced by few. They present the Brickworks as a flooded site and are a starting point for further contemplation of the effects of rapid construction of urban hardscapes on the vulnerable Don River watershed system. Constructed of salvaged local wood from recent extreme weather events painted red and green, this sculpted pair takes the iconic form of port and starboard upstream navigation buoys. Have they been torn from their anchorages and moved to this spot by a powerful hydraulic force? Have they been installed as navigation aids marking safe passage in anticipation of future rising water levels? Are they foreign objects designed to provoke curiosity and encourage further contemplation on environmental change, city building, conservation, water management and their collective effects on the Don River watershed? Is flooding a sign that the Don River is under stress, or is it a return to nature. Navigation buoys reveal nothing of their bulbous buoyant substructures as they float upright marking safe passage. Marooned and fully exposed they are an alarming sight and a clear warning to proceed with caution.