• Unearthed
  • Unearthed from back angle view
  • Luc Johnston and Nan Chao
  • Unearthed Proposal

Name of piece: Unearthed
Materials: Dirt, Sand, Steel Framing
Artist(s): Luc Johnston & Nan Chao
Name of company: Lloyd London Studio
Email: lloydlondonstudio@gmail.com

Envisioned as both seating and play area, Unearthed aims to instill a sense of discovery and intrigue for the repeat visitor to the Evergreen Brick Works. At the outset of installation, visitors will perceive two simple rammed earth volumes. With volumes at different heights, children and adults are encouraged to sit and interact. Constructed of the same earth that once fueled the Brick Works, Unearthed will reference its surroundings, in a very elemental way. Like an unfired brick left exposed to the elements, the rammed earth will gradually erode over the course of its installation. While the eroding earth is slowly deposited into the adjacent ‘sand’ box, an internal structure will start to reveal itself. Brightly coloured and familiar in shape, a tractor seat set on steel posts will start to appear at the top of the bench. Day by day, and week by week more seats at different heights will reveal themselves until finally, the painted steel base plate, tractor seats and the sandbox are all that remains.