Slash Pile Bench

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Slash Pile Bench
Cast off Cedar limbs and Stainless Steel bands
Joel Harrisonoff
Agostinis and Harrison-Off Design Institute

Slash Pile Bench is composed of the cut off limbs from felled Cedar trees which have been cut down for fence posts, lumber etc… The limbs are bound tightly together and locked in position under tension with stainless steel banding. Typically the limbs are cast aside and left as slash or chipped into mulch. After the bandings are in place, a seat is carved out of the bundle of cedar sticks. The finished piece is quite heavy and difficult to move making it good for public spaces. Cedar is a relatively good outdoor wood and is fairly resistant to rot. Stainless steel will also hold up to outdoor conditions. The overall piece has a rustic feel with some modern lines making it suitable for the aesthetic appearance of the brick works and surrounding area. The “Big Idea” here being the use of a byproduct waste being used in a relatively simple and repeatable product that comes across as quite sculptural and yet still retains some practicality.