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Shrine: dedicated to the memory of demolished barns and fallen trees
Elm reclaimed from a demolished barn and Maple from the forests of Bancroft.
Lubo Brezina and Scott Eunson
Lubo Design

The Shrine is a reaction to the loss of farm land due to suburban sprawl north of Toronto. Our goal is to evoke the memory of the primeval forest: the wood, the farm land, the barn, its structure and space. On display is not only the material but the spirit of the material’s past, first as a living tree, and later as a component of a larger building.

The Shrine is made to provide an experience of varying scales. Visitors can simultaneously experience a lofty space and the intimacy of a mortise and tenon detail. Made of barn wood, the structure is solid enough to climb on, to sit on or to lie on.

The Shrine has been exhibited at four different venues. Each time we use the context to inform an addition to the structure. If selected the shrine would be further developed as an outdoor pavilion, a place for rest and contemplation.