Random Sphere and Void

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Random Sphere and Random Void
Reclaimed, culled and dressed wood; and recycled and reformed glass. One LED lighting system
Fly Freeman and Francis Muscat
Random Sphere: $5000; Random Void: $7000

We propose two pieces for this design competition: Random Void and Random Sphere. Together they are a discussion on the forming of shapes through the additive process of construction found very frequently in nature: a seemingly random accretion of very similar pieces creating strong and deliberate forms. The are of Random Sphere is the exact shape of the space inside Random Void and is designed for inside spaces, and Random Void is a sculpture/shelter created for the exterior: a discourse on interior and exterior spaces.

Random Sphere and Void also discuss different aspects of active and passive lighting: Random Sphere is a light sources using high efficiency LED lights; and Random Void is a light container, with the wood structure blocking out the light. except that which penetrates via the glass bars that come to the internal surface of the void, creating a magical patter of coloured light on the inside of the space.

While both structures aim to delight the viewer,Random Void is also designed to delight the children who are a large part of the visitors to the Brick Works. The space created is the perfect size for the children to enter into and enjoy the play of light formed by the glass pieces.

Both the interior and exterior pieces are made from a mix of reclaimed and culled wood, and recycled glass which is reformed to long bars that echo the shape of the wood pieces.