Node Garden Jack

  • Node Garden Jack
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NODE Garden Jack
Decommissioned Propane
Ryan Wilding and Jano Badovina
Fugitive Glue


‘Node’ will be a sculptural art installation suitable for exterior spaces at the Evergreen Brick Works campus. The piece involves re-purposing de-commissioned 100 lb propane tanks into a large ornamental structure.

This sculpture can be used as an impact presence in an unlikely location, such as a parking lot or promenade, or can be placed in a garden as an aid for growing vines and other greenery. It can be used to stick out or become one with it’s environment. The Node can be covered with a special seeded paint that will promote the growth of moss, creating a bio-sculpture. The inspiration for this work comes from biological and molecular growths in nature such as starbursts, sprouting seeds and tree branch nodes. The re-use of propane tanks also enforce this point as a new life is given to an end of life-cycle product.

Our Methodology:

UP-HOARDING is a process that combines the collection aspect of hoarding and the creation aspect of up-cycling with the key aspect of pre-meditation, to engineer a practical method of turning waste into new and useful objects:

  1. We find and recognize the waste object that is available in large quantities.
  2. We develop the product design that is practical, long lasting, and aesthetic.
  3. We collect the waste items to be re-manufactured into new products.
  4. We only use low-impact, ecologically responsible manufacturing processes.