Cast Composite Cubes

  • Cast Composite Cubes

Name of piece: Cast Composite Cubes
Salvaged dense foam from company inventory, ECC ( Engineered Cementitious Composite)
Jeff Forrest
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A collection of four concrete composite cubes that have industrial volumes ‘subtracted’ from 3 or more of their 6 surfaces. The durable cubes can be oriented together or separately in a variety of configurations. Each cube contains a recycled foam core, which reduces their weight considerably compared to solid concrete masses of similar size. The pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses: low + high seating, side tables, coffee tables and sculpture.

Industrial cast metal pump casings often start out in the wood shop.  Millworkers + machine operators carve solid, laminated wood blocks to create ‘patterns’ that are used to make sand-moulds. The sand-moulds are then used for casting.  It is  common for companies to make one-off castings, which means that the patterns go to waste after their first use.  These castings are beautifully crafted relics of Canadian manufacturing.