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Our Team

Matthew Cohen
Matthew CohenFounder
Matthew was responsible for managing the interior design and furnishing of Evergreen Brick Works during its development. Matthew now resides in New York City and is the Principal of MCDC Design Collective and was formerly the Director of Design at the Centre for Social Innovation.
Sue Madsen
Sue MadsenCo-founder
Sue is the former Director of Canadian Architecture & Design at Teknion Limited and played an instrumental role in developing the program and bringing Teknion Corporation on board as as the program’s main sponsor.
Lori Smith
Lori SmithProgram Director
Lori is a dynamic community enthusiast helping coordinate and grow the program. She has a long history of developing community and corporate partnerships and was part of a successful technology social enterprise.  Her goal is to make cities more sustainable, resilient and beautiful places to live.
Jane Stanfield
Jane StanfieldArt Director
Jane is a Senior Design Lead at a Toronto based agency, where her passions for environmental and graphic design unite. Her experience ranges across North America, Britain, and India. Locally, Jane has been responsible for bringing Design by Nature to life visually since its inception.

Who we are

Design by Nature is organized by a group of Toronto design professionals and community enthusiasts interested in promoting sustainable design and innovative public art in unique city venues. Teknion, a partner to Evergreen in furnishing much of Evergreen Brick Works, is the program’s founding sponsor and has been instrumental in its development. Matthew Cohen, currently the Principal of MCDC Design Collective in New York City, founded the program in 2011 as a way to continue to bring animation and new, functional furniture to the site. Evergreen is the program’s host and is excited to feature Design by Nature in its dynamic roster of community events and programming. Visit our partners page to learn more about our community partners.

What we do

Design by Nature is an annual, rotating design competition that promotes innovative public art, sculpture and functional furniture through a creative re-imagination of salvaged materials. The exhibition features a selection of work from Canada’s most talented designers, furniture makers, artisans and installation artists and is displayed for three months at Evergreen Brick Works.

How it Works

Artists submit a proposal online and an appointed jury reviews all submissions.The deadline for submissions is Sunday, June 29th, 2014. Selected finalists are paid an honourarium towards the costs of production ($3000, $1500 and $500).

When and Where

The exhibition will be unveiled at the end of August and kicked off with an opening reception that welcomes the design community to Evergreen Brick Works on September 9th. This year we expect to rotate the exhibit to more locations after the Brick Works. Stay tuned for further updates.

How we help artists grow

Winning submissions are promoted through our website, partners, local media, and launch event. Artists also have the opportunity to sell pieces and other items in their portfolio through Evergreen’s store, the Evergreen Garden Market. Design by Nature is working hard to develop additional opportunities to promote and sell winning pieces following the exhibition’s conclusion.

How to reach us

The best way to reach us is by sending an email to info@designxnature.ca or to use our contact form.